New Deals: That Pesky Recession Thing

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11/05/2008 2:30 PM |

Hooray and all, but wait and whoa, we’re still in an ugly recession, which isn’t as fun as a pretty recession, which doesn’t actually exist, so whatever, stop leering at yourself in the mirror. Once again the Business/Investing/Finance section of Publisher’s Marketplace is bloated with three more brand-new sad-sack no monies, more problems titles this week.

Women For Hire CEO and bestselling author Tory Johnson has sold Fired to Hired, which could use a more specfic subtitle given that it will probably cost you $24.95 hardcover and you’re probably only buying it if, you know, you’re not… working. Yet. One could get away with reading it in Barnes & Nobles while you drink free water-fountain water filled with germs, yum! Or buy a cup of coffee there. Because, well, you know. Tough times. We gotta help our massive bookstore chains when and however we can.

Michael Malone will deliver the meaty-sounding The Future Arrived Yesterday: The Rise of the Protean Corporation and
What it Means for You
. It means you need good health insurance, and a bigger mattress to stuff, I think.

Finally, CNBC anchor David Farber is preparing House of Cards, pitched as “the origins
of the Crash, a clear and readable explanation of how the crisis in the
housing market developed and why it crippled the world economy,
spanning the years from the fall 2001 when cheap money flowed after
9/11 through the current crisis, based on his forthcoming documentary
for CNBC of the same name.” Blah, blah, blah. Why not just listen to the Radiohead song, frown, and move on?