Oh, Cruel World: “My Lover Left Me In My 90s”

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11/20/2008 6:00 PM |
From the Guardian, our favorite independent newspaper across the Pond, comes a heartwarming tale about love, life, and douchbags. What happens when you are in your 90s, you meet a handsome fellow 30 years your junior while lobbying at Parliament for better state pensions, and he dumps you for someone new when you become “less mobile”?:

We spent more than a decade in constant contact, visiting friends and going on holidays together. After the first flush of love, he never spoke of love again, but I hope I may be forgiven for thinking that love still bound us. He liked women and they liked him but I really didn’t mind this, because I was the one he visited, called or accompanied on trips away.

In recent years, I have grown less mobile, but he was patient and our daily contact continued – until last week, when I didn’t hear from him. He eventually came to see me and told me he had “met somebody”.

Whether or not this lady’s lack of mobility involved adult diapers, I just think this is about the saddest thing I’ve heard all day. There’s a whole wealth of advice from readers following her plaintive query about how to “recover from a broken heart.” One person suggests she still has time to “meet someone else”… via the Webz.

I suspect you fear this was your last chance to feel such strong emotions
for a man, but that is not necessarily so. You are clearly young at
heart and though you mention you have been less mobile of late, you can
still contribute to the campaigns you care about via the internet, and
perhaps meet someone else that way. I hope I reach 90 with half the
verve you have now.

Generation Internet is going to have some super-serious senior-citizen social networking sites up and running in the next couple of decades, assuming, of course, we all don’t go down in the fiery economic hellfire.