Online Viewing Tip: The Criterion Collection

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11/25/2008 3:07 PM |

Big refurbished website, mostly, but a better arrangement of their films and essays, some more interactive stuff and a modified iTunes Movie Store set-up, which is excellent. And the whole thing is explained to you in a video that’s basically a much tricker elapsed-time version of the freehand frames of the promotional site for that Miranda July book. Even if you don’t care at all about movies, the drawings are quite nifty.

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  • People who’ve noticed that all the Wes Anderson movies are on Criterion Collection, and have long avoided buying the barebones Bottle Rocket DVD, preferring instead to wait “until Criterion puts one out, with the original short as an extra”, will be happy to note that Criterion’s Bottle Rocket disc, with the original short, is out today. While we’re on the subject.

  • So many cool things in one blog post.