Out Now: The L Magazine’s Comix Issue

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11/12/2008 2:45 PM |

Bam! and I guess Whap! and Pow! and perhaps even Blog! for it is time for The L Magazine’s annual Comix Issue, featuring diaristic graphic fiction and alterna-monsters and recurring doodlings and all sorts of other fun stuff. Here:

  • My Father and Grandfather, by Ben Granoff. [NB: this one made at least three different L Magazine editors laugh so hard that (metaphorical) milk came out their respective (metaphorical) noses.]
  • Petrified Girlfriend, by Pat Barrett and Caitlin Martin, which we love for its detail work like the Jim Henson poster and meepmeepmeeping alarm clock.
  • Vacation, by Andy Burkholder, which we don’t understand at all but seems like a kind of cute-distopic Walter Mitty story maybe?
  • Sad Potato, by Dunja Jankovic. This one we like because it reminds us of us.
  • Heat Wave, by Nick Cacciola. Somebody plucks the still-beating heart out of a snowman (I think?) in this one.
  • Liar Bird, by Lauren Barnett, is quite pithy.
  • As is Robots, by Dov Torbin.
  • Heart Monster, by Sophia Wiedeman, is about exactly what it says it’s about.

Plus: Our own Nicolas Rapold sits down and delves into the fertile, hyperactive mind of the French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin, as New York braces for the arrival of his whirlwind film A Christmas Tale.