Rahm Emmanuel is a Graceful Baddass

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11/10/2008 5:30 PM |

Our Wonkette describes Rahm Emannuel as a “ballet-dancing, steak knife-wielding, nine-and-a-half-fingered hot Chicago Jew.” Quite right! He is all of those things! But we’re all so very eager to learn more. More is now here, in the form of Lizzie Widdicombe’s latest Talk of the Town. There are good deets about how Emmanuel’s Rabbi let him off the hook during Rosh Hashanah to do bail-out stuff, but my favoritest thing about her story on Barack Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff is the following quote by one Ron Reagan, oh yes sir:

He argued that dancing and politics are "really two different parts of
your brain." He said, "Politics is the art of compromise. It’s shades
of gray and nuance. There’s nowhere to hide when you’re a dancer.
You’re almost literally naked, wearing an outfit that reveals
everything about you." He went on, "There are no Sarah Palins in
dance—no one who doesn’t know what they’re doing.
They’re weeded out by
the time you get to be a professional."

Isn’t it nice that some fields actually vet professionals before they’re offered big roles in major productions? So quaint!