Robert Pattinson Proposed to Kristen Stewart On the Twilight Set

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11/10/2008 4:00 PM |

It is possible that I may have spent a vast number of solitary hours in Barnes & Noble this weekend catching up on the Twilight novels after reading this Entertainment Weekly cover story, which includes profiles of Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella), plus more tidbits on the making of the film, which opens on November 21. Incidentally, it’s filling the slot The Half-Blood Prince left open when it got pushed back to this summer. The machine keeps denying Twilight can mimic the staggering profits of Harry Potter, which is true of the books, certainly. But the thing is, I don’t much care for the Harry Potter films when directly compared to the novels. With Twilight, I do believe it’ll be the other way around, that this will be one of the rare occasions where the movie will
overpower the book on all accounts of quality and thrill-power.

Although, the hilarious PR Hollywood Machiavelli people will not let us review Twilight until it comes out, so I have no documentation of this fact and could be utterly wrong. In his Q&A, Pattinson happily foils his good-boy Cedric rep, which is a very good sign of his future success. I am not complaining. This is inherently juicy. Guess the “media training” really didn’t work:

Pattinson and Stewart’s onscreen chemistry is crucial to the movie’s
success, so the actor can be forgiven if he acted smitten with his
costar when the cameras weren’t rolling. ”In the beginning I thought
to myself, ‘Because she’s so serious, I’ve got to be
really serious,”’ he says. ”I didn’t speak for about two months so I
would seem really intense. I would only ever talk about the movie. And
I kept recommending all these books. It didn’t really work, though.
Then I started falling apart and my character started breaking down. I
felt like an idiot just following her around, saying, ‘You really
should read some Zola — and there’s this amazing Truffaut movie.’ And
she started calling me on things: ‘Have you actually watched this
movie? Yeah? What’s it about?’ ‘It’s about a guy on a train.’ ‘Did you
just look at the photo on the cover of the DVD?!”’ On more than one
occasion, Pattinson was overheard asking Stewart to marry him —
proposals that the actress, who’s had the same boyfriend since she was
16, got used to shrugging off.

He’s still acting ridiculous
in the Q&A interviews found here, which I have been obsessively
watching all morning. Note how much he keeps touching his face and
stuttering and scrunching up his eyebrows. Earlier, he talks too much
about Martin Amis. I am not fooled. Golly, though, he is foxy. Don’t ever
cut that hair, kid. Your agent really will kill you.

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