Salon Brings Sexy Back

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11/21/2008 2:30 PM |

Salon thinks that there are some men who are really sexy right now! And thus, they have chosen a whole boatload of them, the “Sexiest Men Living,” to be exact, to showcase on their website. Sooooo dreamy. Guess who our favorite is? Ezra Koenig, from Vampire Weekend, a band that’s really starting to build some buzz, we hear…

The “Ivy-educated, button-cute musician who rocks our world with songs about the serial comma,” is profiled under Salon‘s Indie Heartthrob category, alongside a dubious photograph that makes him look like a piece of stripey cardigan jailbait with a guitar that’s too big for his adorably emo-emaciated frame. Hot or not? Gross or acceptable?

There is something so charming and hilarious about this entire justification:

It could be argued that Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes
is the sexiest man in indie rock, with his art-school androgyny and his
pit-black torch songs of love gone bad, mad and dangerous to know. But
Barnes is a throwback to superstars of another era — David Bowie,
Prince — while Koenig is very much of the moment. Vampire Weekend
released the best indie rock record of 2008, a near-perfect debut so
fantastic that even its overblown hype could not diminish its pure
pleasure. And Koenig is a pleasure all his own. He’s a graduate of
Columbia, a sometime filmmaker, the son of a therapist, a blue-eyed
charmer who can get you out of your undies and talk about your feelings. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll.

Oh, my god, like, the Saloners maybe had a debate about who’s sexier, Ezra
or Kevin? And then someone stood on top of their desk chair and bellowed:
“Koenig can get you out of your undies and talk about your feelings!!” So they had to write that in.
SERIOUSLY? Heebie jeebies x infinity.

Aravind Adiga was selected as their sexy novelist: he won the Man Booker Prize this year, and you know Salman Rushdie is fucking fuming right now, even more so than before. These lists are TROUBLE, unless they are scratch ‘n’ sniff. Count on People to reinvent the wheel.