So Long and Thanks for All the Slasher Movies

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11/07/2008 10:00 AM |

The royal we earlier brought you notice of the sad but probably inevitably closing of everybody’s favorite indie pizza parlor and neighborhood video-store adjacent tiny movie theater playing first-run curios and occasionally classics, the Two Boots Pioneer. You never really went there, did you? It was a bit CBGB’s towards the end, where you were aware of how great it was to have it so close by, but you never really found anything you wanted to go over for.

Well, no or never: a “goodbye party,” tonight, starting at 6pm, “free movies, popcorn, and reminiscences.” Aw. One single tear, running down my cheek, for the Two Boots Pioneer.

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  • “George Bataille’s Story of the Eye” played there. All-night werewolf movie marathon must have been fun in a masochistic sort of way. Plus they let you put on as much butter on your popcorn as you wanted (maybe not a good thing).