So What’s Going to Be More Crowded Tonight?

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11/10/2008 10:00 AM |

A) L.A. noise-punk band and big critical deal No Age — feedback washing back and forth and toy drums freaking out, if Sonic Youth’s jacuzzi started a band that band’d probably sound like this — are at the moment sort of the ultimate lo-fi and loud loft party band, and they’re playing at “East Williamsburg’s” premier loft-party music venue, the Market Hotel.

B) Team B, being comprised of members of the, well, B Team of Beirut and Arcade Fire, the high priests of “I’m not religious but definitely consider myself, like, a spiritual person” hipster catharsis, is playing at Union Pool.

Do let us know, please, which ends up more resembling an average summer Saturday at, you know, Union Pool.

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  • Why even mention “East Williamsburg” when Market Hotel has never pretended to be there, and everyone knows it’s in Bushwick? It’s not cute or clever, it’s grating and tired.