The 60s: The Movies

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11/13/2008 11:30 AM |

This is looking to be a really great weekend for movies in New York City so let’s get a head start on it. Starting tomorrow and continuing through next Sunday, Anthology is spotlighting the films of Arthur Penn, the American New Waver whose body of work, maybe as much as any other moviemaker’s, can be identified with the 60s. (From pregrumblings to Nixonian hangover, actually.)

There is, of course, Bonnie and Clyde tonight, but there’s also the series opener, the Actors Studio/TV Movie The Left-Handed Gun, starring Paul Newman as Freud’s (via Gore Vidal) vision of Billy the Mixed-Up Kid; there’s the riots-in-the-heartland Brando mess The Chase; the avant-jazz existentialist cult item Mickey One, the My Lai-informed revisionist Western Little Big Man; the based-on-the-song shaggy-haired dog story Alice’s Restaurant; and the nihilistic neo-noir Night Moves. And there’s the full roster of self-aware, unconventional post-studio leading men: Hoffman and Hackman and, of course, your hero and mine, Warren Beatty.

The 85-year-old Penn will be on hand for tonight’s Friday’s screenings, which is nice. Ask him if the pictured still from Bonnie and Clyde is maybe a metaphor for something.

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