The Aftermath: Your Election Night Revelry Recaps

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11/05/2008 12:05 PM |

Good morning, Americans! Yesterday, we asked you to tell us what the scene was like at your local polling places, which ranged from tolerable to utter clusterfuck. But the line-confusion and the general nervous paranoia, combined with an unsettling lack of ID-checking, not to mention certain hilariously idiotic, last ditch attempts to cheat college kids out of their rights…well, hahah, we still got what we wanted! Change. It’s in the bag. (I really, really hope.)

Last night in Brooklyn the air was electric and we want to know how charged it was at whatever apartment, bar, street corner, or election night party you were at when the count hit 270. Or, after Barack Obama delivered his first speech as our President elect. I texted a friend standing in Grant Park, Chicago around 8 pm who said the atmosphere there was “CRAZY! Lots of positive energy,” though she stopped responding some time after 11 pm, I can only assume because she was really busy hugging strangers and throwing her hands in the air.

I walked home from the Gate in Park Slope and on all the quiet, leaf-strewn residential streets
people were shooting fireworks from the roof (!) and hanging out their
windows waving and screaming. I’ll never forget it. Friends of mine saw drunk dudes doing happy dances with trashcans and other impromptu street parties, and Mark noted it was like we all won the world series. Together! (Which means we’re socialists now, right?)

How ’bout those Trekkie-riffic CNN holograms?
Anyone else take a screen-shot of the Times home page?
How much champagne did you drink? And did you make use of the emergency uh-oh whiskey you brought along, just in case?

Let us know.

What a fucking relief.

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  • As a true American, I kicked off the night with watching an episode of the Hills, but about 15 minutes in, I couldn’t take it anymore and turned to CNN. My roommates got home (they were campaigning in Philly), just in time for them to call Ohio, and it was pretty much a free-for-all from that point on.

    Myrtle Ave. was in high spirits. Cars were honking, people were in the middle of the street, clapping, high-fiving. My roommate got out a Civil War bugle he bought from Ebay (I don’t know why) and starting blowing it out the window. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little misty-eyed. As cheesy as it sounds, there really was a feeling of being in this all together. I can’t wait for my hypothetical grandkids to ask me, “Where were you when…”

    The rest of the evening basically consisted of talking about how cute Obama’s kids are.

    P.S. I also took a screen-shot of the Times, and, no joke.

  • I would also like to add, just for the hell of it, that McCain’s concession speech was as classy as I hoped it would be. There were a few quick shots of Palin looking like she was on the brink of tears, which kinda made me sad, for at least a few seconds. Is that weird?

  • I have to say I almost cried. Almost. Me and my dad raised a toast with a bottle of Okocim, to a better, more socialist future. First things that came to my mind- “This is like we (USA) won the World Cup”, “Lincoln, FDR, Obama”, “This is our JFK moment”. I was thinking about Obama’s grandmother and how she died on the eve of the election, all day it was crossing my mind, and now this. Just a great, memorable night. I wonder how people in Texas reacted…