The New FAME is Not Okay

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11/03/2008 4:30 PM |

At least that terrible new 90210 has Brenda. But how the fug do you get away with remaking FAME sans “The Body Electric”? How, I ask! EW‘s Popwatch has a scintillating (if only because it makes me want to strangle myself) Q&A with the Matirix’s Lauren Christy. Her production team is composing new tunes for the soundtrack, and she has this to say:

They couldn’t go with
exactly that same song, but “Hold Your Dream” is really great. We didn’t write it, so I’m not blowing
my own horn or anything, it’s got exactly the same
feel to it, with the three different styles of music and the completely
different styles of dance. I couldn’t believe they weren’t
going to use “The Body Electric” either, but when I heard the song, I went, “Okay, I
get it. It’s more ‘now,'” and it’s going to work.

More “now?!” No! Not now! The humanity. A double blow — it would be one thing if the Matrix (many are devoted to their brilliantly manufactured pop gems) wrote it, but they did not. So what’s the point?! Unless it came from someone like Dr. Luke himself, there really is none.

Except, perhaps, the news that Ashley Tisdale is on the short-list for lead role consideration.