Trend Spotting: The Victory Dress

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11/05/2008 5:30 PM |

Did anybody out there find themselves gushing over the amazingness of Michelle Obama’s dress last night?

The comments over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer seem like a decent cross-section, with most remarks leaning toward befuddled confusion. (Besides this hysterical tidbit: “I thought the dress color for Mrs. Obama and daughters inappropriate. Is red and black still the colors for socialism’s flag?”)

Now, I love Michelle’s style, and normally I think she dresses very elegantly — simple classic confidence — and enviably, too. But the frock that Wonkette dubbed “hell-colored,” by Narciso Rodriguez, was… we-ell…Look, I suppose it’s natural to want to give Michelle a pass because she’s smart and awesome and buys her own clothes. I’d like to forgive her for a whatnottowear because of that, and her excellent sartorial choices up until this point but, well. Last night was a big night. And if we’re hard on Sarah for her Star Trek $2 million pink jacket, this really must be said: Michelle’s dress really wasn’t the best choice for her. Okay. It was unflattering. Not necessarily the cut. I’m talking the bondage criss-cross and the red speckles.

But maybe without the distracting shrunken cardigan it wouldn’t have been so bad. And, it is definitely cool that she knows fashion. And, I really like how confident she was in it, which, really, is what matters. Also, the kids looked adorbs. So, you know.

Crap. I guess I did just give her a pass.

(Narciso has some ‘splainin’ to do. There must have been something else from SS09 he could have pushed!)