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11/04/2008 2:30 PM |

One of our anonymous commenters just piped up with the query: “Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the free stuff I can get for voting?”

Why, yes!

DRINK! Starbucks (remember, the real ones, not the shady Barnes & Noble branches) will give you a complimentary cup of coffee when you show your “I Voted” sticker. And also, just because! If you didn’t get a sticker (I didn’t!), we don’t know whether you can still get one. But you should still try.

EAT! Krispy Kreme is doling out donuts in the shape of stars with red, white, and blue sprinkles. And those Ben & Jerry ice-cream hippies will hand you a cone, but only from 5-8pm. Several hundred Chick-fil-A stores are giving out free chicken sandwiches, apparently (never heard of the place). Spoil your dinners!

UPDATE: Now the coffee and ice-cream is free for everyone.

TUNES! Score a free download of the Bob Dylan song “I Shall be Released” as performed by Wilco
with Fleet Foxes. In other news, Pitchfork is shut down for the day in observance of the election.

TALK! Credo Mobile is providing free outbound calls to current customers
during polling hours in their states. Too late to switch providers?

PRIMP! Cristophe Schatteman will offer
all services at half price today. He has salons in Washington, D.C.,
Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Orange County, CA. A
$500 haircut from Cristophe will go for $250. This is still too much
money to get your hairs did, but eh, some people might find it useful.

And there are a number of free-to-enter election parties
to attend tonight as well. You should pick one, and go to it. Whichever
one you choose will be the most historical and marvelous, no doubt.

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