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11/04/2008 12:30 PM |

It was a bit of a clusterfuck over at John Jay High School in Park Slope this morning, but the volunteer staff seemed to have some semblance of control over the volume. I only heard one woman complain on her cell phone that she’d been waiting in the wrong line for over a half an hour, but I’m sure this happened a lot more often earlier in the day.

A friend reports from Astoria: “This morning was a MESS at PS 166, they had no idea how to deal with
the volume of turnout, which is both positive in terms of the volume of
turnout itself and terrifying in terms of the archaic jumble that, lets
just say, did nothing for my faith in the system…and I was thinking ‘If this is like this HERE, wtf is it like in Ohio?'” She also referred to the voting machines as “older than my parents,” although, I guess, as least they’re not Diebold?

Oh, and sidenote for anyone who tries to get their free cup of “I Voted” Starbucks coffee at a Barnes & Noble Starbucks — you can’t. They won’t do it. You have to go to a “real Starbucks,” said the disgruntled employee I spoke with who said he had poured cups that went unsold several times due to the confusion. Balls.

Leave your voting and polling-place missives, complains, and shout-outs in the comments.

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  • The Polling at PS 196 seemed pretty smooth today. I wasn’t in the registration book but I had my voter registration card and they let me fill out a paper ballot, skipping the line of about 10 people for the booth altogether.

    I would have gladly waited, though, because the lever and switches are super fun. Majorly disappointed.

  • Does anybody have a comprehensive list of all the free stuff I can get for voting?

  • I think the “I Voted Sticker” was deemed illegal so now wether you voted or not I think you get free stuff.

    Besides coffee:

    Ben & Jerry’s offering one free scoop until 8 PM.

    Krispy Kreme offering a star shaped donut with patriotic sprinkles…no time limit given I assume while supplies last.

    And probably same thing as with the coffee, you need to go to a “real” Ben and Jerry’s or Krispy Kreme to get this.

  • I voted at PS 142 in Carroll Gardens. Not only did it run mad smoothly, but everyone was very, very attractive. Hooray for Democracy and well-dressed people.

  • Hey Lild, you’re right. (New post up now with a list of free stuff). So, B&J cones and Starbucks are free for everyone, as long as you go to the “real” places, as you noted.

    Enjoy the lines.

  • PS 305 in Bed-Stuy (this is a bit after 7 this morning) was run with heroic inefficiency — a bit of standing over a table, waiting to check in against the registry, while an overseer berated one of the women at the table for not filling out cards correctly, while the other two poll workers at the table sat placidly, bovinely. And then the lever didn’t work at first.

    But voters were in good spirits. It was pretty crowded, but not much more so than during the Democratic primary (although I voted after work that day, I might stop by on the way home to see the line).