Who Is More Depressed: Jodi Kantor or Barack Obama

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11/17/2008 6:00 PM |

Obama is being forced to give up his beloved Deity Crackberry: otherwise people will want to accuse him of sending Evites to known terrorists, inviting them to participate in his fireside YouTube chats. Does this mean he cannot Gchat with us?

But Times reporter Kantor, apparently, is a a “gossip-rag muckracker” because she messaged some teenagers on Facebook and asked them about the McCain’s daughter. Because when the candidates feed you articles masquerading as press releases (with pre-prepared quotes!) that is how you do the journalism. Actually finding creative ways to get around “the public relations shield that protects a political wife like McCain,” and contacting students on a public social-networking site with measured queries after properly identifying yourself (and not even quoting them!) is not. So glad that’s been cleared up.