Wow, Tomorrow Is Going to Suck

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11/03/2008 4:17 PM |

I can haz enfranchisement? Ha ha, of course not.

“Nearly 60 percent of the country will vote in places that in the last eight years have changed their voting equipment,” which means…

Comically long lines!

Inefficiencies with and short supplies of paper ballots!

Untested machines, machines without paper trails but with long histories of malfunction!

Hilariously, the apparatus of American democracy is woefully inadequate to the task of coping with a high level of citizen participation.

On the bright side, the article also quotes an awesomely codgery 81-year-old West Virginia Obamican, and provides a link to this video wherein he oldcootishly explains how a voting machine initially misassigned his votes, but then he was just ornery until things worked out in his favor.