Your Happy National Hangover Weekend

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11/07/2008 4:15 PM |

As you know from reading Michael Rowin’s write-up in the current L, Anthology Film Archives today begins a series dedicated to the films and videos of Robert Frank, still best known as the photographer who showed America The Americans, and whose films trace a line from the legendary Kerouac-narrated Beat happening Pull My Daisy — kicking things off tonight — through to moving personal reflections. And tomorrow night Anthology will host two (surely packed) screenings of the notorious suppressed Rolling Stones tour doc Cocksucker Blues. (I have not seen Cocksucker Blues, but I have read the 1974 section of Don DeLillo’s Underworld, which takes its name from the film, so I have a pretty good sense of the ennui-ridden sex and cult media vibe.)

There’s also this, which my description seems unlikely to do justice to.

And hey, the Mountain Goats play at Webster Hall on Sunday and it’s not sold out — probably because you could listen to three Mountain Goats albums in the time it takes to get out of Webster Hall after a concert, but, you know, still.