$20 + Twitter + Swoon = Social Networking at the Brooklyn Museum

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12/18/2008 5:00 PM |

Did you know that the Brooklyn Museum has a Twitter? Well, they do. And they want you to follow them: starting January 3rd, the first of their Target First Saturdays events for 2009, the museum will launch a new social networking membership initiative. An even $20 annual fee will get you paperless benefits and notifications via the aforementioned tweets, Facebook, and Flickr, plus exclusive entry to their popular First Saturdays, during which the museum stays open till 11pm with free admission beginning at 5pm.

The best part? Artists from Swoon‘s studio will kick things off in January, creating prints on found paper provided by the digitally connected 1stfans. Cure your post New Year’s blues in the Beaux-Arts building.