A Book Release Party Tonight!: Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide To Living Cheaply in NYC

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12/04/2008 2:00 PM |

We, meaning, me, are newish, er, new-esque to New York, in the sense that we are from here, but have never before lived here as a Grown Adult Type Person. So, returning to this city we now can officially forever call home has presented a number of challenges, particularly when you are overwhelmed, all the time, almost, by the various things and possibilities and activities and people and oh god we are so stressed and our heart is pounding and why is that crazy person on the subway staring at us with a wonky eye, did we do something wrong? Don’t pretend you weren’t like us, once.

Anyway, we have learned much from following a certain Daily listings section as if it were our social-calendar-cum-Bible. However, a New York guide in book form – books are tangible and permanent, with pages that we can turn, unlike those heinous Kindles, mind you – is sometimes a very nice thing to have.

We wanted a book that sort of sounded like Yelp but had one consistent voice, a book that got to the point but knew when to free-wheel it, and most importantly, a book about how to do everything fun in New York inexpensively, yet smartly. Also, a book that cursed a lot and was sassy, because a healthy dose of ‘tude is necessary when someone is telling us why some places are amazing and you should go, and why some places are fucking idiotic, but you should still go, just so you know you’ve tried.

More about the book, and a free BOOK PARTY in the LES TONIGHT, after the jump. Click, click, click, we beg of you.

Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in New York City,
conveniently, landed on our desk several weeks ago and we’ve been
reading the shit out of it ever since! We even used it to recommend a
bar in which one of our new pals wanted friends to gather for her
birthday – us! Recommending a bar, can you imagine?! And it totally
worked out, and our new gang was very impressed with us, and we felt very New
York. It’s a nice feeling, don’t judge.

Via Broke-Ass Stuart, who has no money but doesn’t lack a passion for finding the very coolest places and very best deals, we have learned it is indeed possible to enjoy New York without being rich! So
yes, Stuart – who cut his travel-writing teeth penning a much-beloved
‘zine about living cheaply in San Francisco, and has also contributed to Lonely Planet — has scoured our city for all the good stuff, and reviewed it, and told us secrets about it, and we appreciate it greatly.

Stuart appreciates you, by the way, and we know this first-hand because this evening,
from 8pm to 3am, Stuart and his cohorts will host a book release party at the Delancey
Lounge (126 Delancey St, at Clinton St) for, literally, a $1 entry fee. There will be live music to dance to (DJ Saucey, Kelli Rudick, Thought,
Beyondo, Crooked Looks) and delicious appetizer treats to gorge on (Tuck Shop, Kati
Roll Co., Kossar’s Bialys, The Donghnut Plant, Aprovecho, Sumile Sushi).
There will also be booze (including one hour of free Six Points), clearly, lots of it, with drink specials all evening long. Finally, there will be gift bags, and nobody can resist
a gift bag, not even you, not even us, not anyone, no matter how long
they have let New York City beat them to a grubby, whining,
shallow-breathing pulp.

We love it here!

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