A&F Needs A Reality Check

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12/08/2008 6:00 PM |

We’re in complete agreement with The Cut, which thinks Abercrombie & Fitch’s casual-cool sandblasted ass-backward decision to pass on discounting their tweeny fashions so as not to appear “cheap” is, um, rather ridiculous. Especially given the fact that their holey denim and trying-too-hard logo sweaters have never exactly been a model of high quality. And let’s not forget their history of racist T-shirts! The Wall Street Journal Reports that despite a dismal November sales record, the chain has refused to aggresively court consumers by marking down their Spring Break attire as per the necessities of our weakened economy:

That’s left Abercrombie, which made its name marketing preppy chic,
largely alone in following its own strategy for dealing with the
downturn — more or less ignoring it. The company is pushing forward
with an aggressive overseas expansion. It has kept inventory stock at
similar levels to those before the slump. And it says under no
conditions will it reduce its prices for customers any more than usual.

Well, great! Perfect way to self-sabatoge — perhaps their club-like stores will promptly die off, and will immediately be replaced with Top Shop pop-ups where everything is on sale, all of the time. We can dream, can’t we?

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