Are Grey Lady Columnists Acting Out Against The Wage Freeze?

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12/15/2008 1:00 PM |

Non-union employees of the Times will receive no pay increases next year, according to an internal e-mail from publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. that was leaked to every blog you read. So, tough times for everyone, clearly, and nobody is untouchable — and yet, we were wondering, has this caused a subversive columnist riot of some sort?

Because, really, how else would you explain Charles E. Blow’s latest diatribe? Over the weekend, Blow discovered hook-up culture! His incredibly moronic “What is this strange and seedy teenage phenomenon that is so sad and empty” story ran this weekend and caused a perfect comment shitstorm. Sure, he’s about twenty years late on the topic, but, let’s be realistic, that’s an ongoing issue with many of the trend stories in our paper of record. Except…seriously? Come on. Nobody would sabotage themselves this much (“For those over 30 years old: hooking up is a casual sexual encounter
with no expectation of future emotional commitment. Think of it as a
one-night stand with someone you know,” Blow writes) unless they were pissy about their benefits or the fact that they ought to have taken a buy-out…right?

It’s got to be either Blow having a little joke with himself (his name is BLOW, for God’s sake), or his editor doing it for kicks. He didn’t even bother to interview any of the teenagers who have come of age within this oh-so disturbing sensation, so he can back up the statements quoted by the one “expert” he queried — a university professor who has studied hook-ups (?!) and somehow came to the conclusion that all women hope casual sexy-times will lead to stable relationships, men never do, and nobody under 30 dates anymore, they just screw!

Read it and listen to your blood boil.

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