ASNE Getting Rid of the “Paper” in “Newspaper”

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12/17/2008 4:00 PM |

The American Society of Newspaper Editors is interested in changing the name of the organization and broadening its horizons. Member Charlotte Hall has suggested leaving off the “paper” in “newspaper.” Politco‘s Michael Calderone reports this is a reflection of “the decline of print,” which is only a piece of the proposal: it would also offer full membership to news websites, including those without a print publication. Plus, it puts forth the — revolutionary! — notion that quality news organizations aren’t merely defined by the word “daily.”

So, death of print or increased validation for web? This might not exactly be the robust future we were all hoping for, though it is a start. A highlighted piece of the memo, after the jump.

We are all way beyond ink on paper, and so the word "paper" would
disappear from our name to reflect better what we do today and where we
are going. Our new name, pending your approval, would be American
Society of News Editors. This change maintains our valued brand, ASNE,
and our logo, ASNE Leading America’s Newsrooms.

To assure a robust future, we also need to broaden our base of members.
Thus, our proposal includes offering full membership to editors of news
websites, including those without a print product, as well as leaders
in journalism education and journalism foundations. More and more, news
organizations are not defined by "daily." Thus, this requirement would
be removed from membership requirements.

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  • slightly related- NY Film Critics Circle is now allowing website based critics as well. Used to be print only. (I think this is the first year they are doing this)