Axl “Maverick Genius” Rose Doesn’t Like To Play By Rules

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12/02/2008 3:15 PM |

Axl Rose decided to go “rogue” on his handlers at Geffen records, and basically not do any press or talk to reporters about his 15-years-too-late not-so-masterpiece of a new album, Chinese Democracy. We are not at all surprised that it isn’t selling very well! According to some insider, who could be his publicist or, maybe — plot twist! — Axl himself:

"Everyone knows Axl is a bit of a maverick genius and won’t
do anything he doesn’t want to do.

“The label is really glad to have him back. But it is frustrating because the
album would have had a much better chance of going to No1 if he had only
been prepared to show his face.

"People have been trying to contact him for two months and he’s been
completely AWOL.

"You would have thought after spending 15 years on an album you might do a few
weeks promotion.”

You would think. But many a time, mavericks don’t think, they act. Perhaps they hide and halt all action. Another option: behave like utter idiots, and use their “mavericky” status as a transparent excuse for being stupid. They may also speak inchoerantly, mixing gerunds with pronouns and dangling their particples all over the place as they go down in flames. Circle one! They are all correct!