Caroline Kennedy to the Gray Lady: Shouldn’t You Be Writing For Women’s Magazines?

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12/29/2008 1:15 PM |

There was an attempt-to-be-even-handed story about Caroline Kennedy in the Saturday Times, and it looks like the would-be golden Senator for New York has been building her ‘tude and verbal ammo while hiding herself from the press. How dare the daily liberal paper of record throw in a scene-setting question during what was billed by the Times as an “extensive, sit-down discussion”?

With several weeks to go before Mr. Paterson makes his decision, she is
doling out glimpses of her political beliefs and private life. But when
asked Saturday morning to describe the moment she decided to seek the
Senate seat, Ms. Kennedy seemed irritated by the question and said she
couldn’t recall.

"Have you guys ever thought about writing for,
like, a woman’s magazine or something?" she asked the reporters. "I
thought you were the crack political team."

We can’t remember the last time something along the lines of the TimesThe Reckoning series appeared in, say, Allure. But we guess this means Kennedy won’t be appearing on the cover of Vogue in a well-tailored pantsuit anytime soon. The only thing that could be worse would be getting her to agree and then standing up Anna Wintour, like Hillary before her. Now might not be the best time to piss off the lady mags.

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