Coup? Junta? No, It’s Canada, Silly

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12/08/2008 4:45 PM |

Some of you may have reason to believe that my boring country is in the midst of a guns-in-the-street moment of violent regime change — it’s not (I called my mother the other day and she was mainly concerned about using a new brand of weather sealer. "But will it work!?" cried my mom; or as we say, "mum").

Basically, our boring right-wing ideologue prime minister (video highly recommended) asked the governor general — a figurehead flower-sniffer who’s only dissented on one PM request in the history of the country — to suspend parliament in order to avoid toppling by a minority coalition of hippies, secessionists and boring, boring centrists.

Everything will be fine in Canada City. We were more excited by your US-American elections and Secret Terrorist 2-Guard President. The good news for us is that our government won’t have the chance to bail out any giant corporations or do any other crazy things with billions of our dollars; by essentially having no government for a full two months during the worst economic crisis in generations, we may end up doing better than all y’all.*

For more info, you can read this Slate article but it’s way too many words about Canada that don’t mention hockey or Montreal-based indie rock. I love you my boring country.

* Not a Canuckstani expression.

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  • From the first link: “RCMP Const. Brian Butler says there are six to 10 skinheads active in New Brunswick.”

    Canada is so not a scary place.

  • Is this fake news or real news?

    that’s a joke. great post. this gives me shivers-

    Canada Russia 72:

    Hewitt, Foster: Here’s a shot – Henderson made a wild stab for it and fell…

    Hewitt, Foster: Right in front. They Score!

    Hewitt, Foster: Henderson has scored for Canada!