Design Woes: What Will Katy Perry’s Fashion Line Look Like?

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12/19/2008 12:30 PM |

Seeing as the Hot N Cold pop songstress told a Fabulous, a British magazine, that she’s interested in creating a new line that epitomizes her, uh, quirky style, someone is sure to give it to her.

“Agyness Deyn
and Dita Von Teese are my fashion icons. I love to create a character,
and I like looking like I’ve just stepped out of a history book.”

Okay, so, probably, something Alice in Wonderland-ish that shows a good amount of skin. Let Katy her ghost-designer have at it. (We really like the heart-belt at right, though.) At least Betsey Johnson is teaming up with Target (or H&M) for fall!

I’m no blond pop tart” [Fabulous Mag via The Cut]

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