Everyone’s An Author: The Real Housewives’ Alex McCord

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12/22/2008 5:00 PM |

We haven’t heard a lit-gossipy peep about The Real Housewives of New York alums and their respective book deals in quite some time. Has Countess LuAnn De Lesseps’ modern Emily Post etiquette tome been acquired? Is Bethany Frankel’s cookbook thing in galleys yet?

Either way, the aforementioned ladies might be facing some competition, though they’d likely turn their plastic noses up at that just as quickly as they would over the notion that a family can live well in a borough other than Manhattan. According to the Post, Alex McCord, Cobble Hill dweller and Internet nudie (NSFW!), is at work on a literary venture of her own. She and her husband Simon van Kempen are writing an urban parenting book. Together, of course, because they do friggin’ everything together, including girl’s night out.

A publishing insider told Gawker that the couple have tried to score an agent and have had no luck. They were asked to wait for the buzz around season two of their show to get things going, but couldn’t be bothered to wait. This is the same woman who excitedly scoured the gossip pages for pictures of herself the evening after a socialite event; no doubt she’d thrilled with the Post‘s nasty little plug. Press is press, even if your boobs are showing, right, Alex?

Regardless, McCord insists her parenting book has nothing to do with discipline. “It’s about things like how to get a passport for an infant when you don’t have a birth certificate yet,” she told Page Six.

Oh, good. So basically it’s for yupster Brooklynites who haven’t, for some crazy reason, discovered The Daily Slope.