Get Your Gov. Palin Make-up Did

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12/11/2008 4:30 PM |

The key to Sarah Palin’s mysterious beauty secrets are finally at our disposal: Talking Shopping has a Q&A with Amy Strozzi, better known as the Alaskan governor’s extremely well-paid make-up artist. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. They are as fascinating as you think they are. Being a wearer of specs, we’re particularly interested in this bit:

TS: If Sarah had to pick a favorite product that you used on her, which product and color do you think she would pick?
S: I remember once, when I was doing a fun gold eye on her with
two tones, she said, “I love how you do those eyes Amy…” I think it’s
difficult for women who wear glasses to find a way of wearing eye
shadow that works for them…I wore glasses my whole life, so I have
tricks. Also, she got very accustomed to the individual lashes I would put on her every morning….which, unfortunately are not so easy to do yourself!

Individual lashes, people. Those certainly don’t come cheap.

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  • Readers, what is Stephon Marbury doing in Sarah Palin’s cleavage? Your theories welcome!

  • For the record, as I explained to Mark over iChat, I didn’t even SEE Stephon lurking in there when I uploaded that picture. So odd.

    I don’t know where he came from, why he’s hiding in her suit jacket, and what this might mean. But we look forward to your theories, truly.

  • Probably he refused to enter that game in Detroit because he was quite comfortable where he was, thankyouverymuch. You’d think D’Antoni would be more understanding…