Happy 100th Birthday, Manoel de Oliveira

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12/12/2008 10:00 AM |

The L Magazine, lovers of world cinema and Willard Scott would like to wish the Portuguese silent movie actor-turned-most prolific director of the 90s and 00s Manoel de Oliveira a happy 100th birthday, and the best of luck on The Uniqueness of a Young Blond-Haired Girl, the film he is currently shooting.

If you would like to pay tribute, I can’t think of a better thing to do than to familiarize yourself with his work (which screened at BAM this spring; he’s sporadically available on DVD but this year seems to have pricked up enough interest that he’ll perhaps become more available, on DVD and for that matter in repertory circulation, his theatrical, intellectually dense and often long works, from a not particularly established national cinema, not really ever fitting in in most series). Scott Foundas, in the L.A. Weekly, and then Jonathan Rosenbaum, in Film Comment, both from earlier this year, if you please.