Happy 30th Anniversary L.A. Weekly

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12/04/2008 4:00 PM |

Here at The L Magazine we are nothing if not suckers for alt-weekly nostalgia, so we are straight-up devouring the stories of improvised unreliable shoestring production and 12,000-word counterculture think pieces on offer as the L.A. Weekly celebrates 25 great years (and five corporatized ones).

As a young alt-weekly film editor who rhapsodizes the alt-rag as it presumably was before I started working at it, and despairs about the dismal state of film criticism (and the internet in general) at the moment, I especially enjoyed 30-year-old Weekly film editor (and via-syndication Voice critic) Scott Foundas’s despairing state-of-the-art, which goes perfectly alongside Ella Taylor’s misty reminiscence. It’s like the text and subtext of J. Hoberman’s 50th anniversary tribute/eulogy to the Voice film section, side by side!