I’ve Made A Huge Mistake. Really.

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12/02/2008 6:00 PM |

Benjamin Sutton of the esteemed Listicles.com, which is housed at The L HQ but not The L, directs our attention to Unreality Magazine’s Top 8 Best Reoccurring Arrested Development Jokes.

Their list is very funny, but don’t let the hah-hahs fool you into thinking it’s the end-all be-all Top 8 Best BEST list, because Ben has other ideas. The Final Countown wasn’t number one? What about the Chicken Dance?! And they skipped Anne Veal. Really?

Antother quibble. What about Anyong, which means hello in Korean, and which Lucille Bluth unwittingly assumed was the first name of the orphaned Korean child she adopted to take Buster’s place when he fled from the nest?

One Comment

  • Two more recurring jokes/characters that have come to me during this back and forth of Arrested Development-obsession that are missing from these lists and list revisions: Liza Minnelli’s self-depracating Lucille Austero character, and Barry Zuckerkorn, the Bluths’ very own Lionel Hutz.