Kelly Cutrone: PR Professional Turns TV Star

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12/10/2008 3:26 PM |

Set your DVRs! Kelly Cutrone, head of fashion branding firm People’s Revolution PR, is teaming up with original (read: good) Project Runway producers Magical Elves to develop a reality show of her very own. They’re currently shopping the project to various networks, and Cutrone told PRNewser that she will exceutive produce. We hope this won’t detract from her on-camera time; her guest stints on The Hills to True Life: I Want To Work in the Fashion Industry have supplied many of he best semi-scripted moments on MTV this year, but it’s more than that. We’ve read as much as we could about Cutrone and still are not satisfied; she’s a character, yes, the type that can only exist in the fashion industry, perhaps, but she’s also of the few movers-and-shakers who seems to have an enlightened grip on both the dark and light side of the business she navigates with such self-possession. And she says things that are really just rad as hell:

Cutrone obviously realizes this could deliver incredible exposure for the People’s Revolution brand. “I kind of followed the Vogue lead, going forward,” she said, in reference to Teen Vogue‘s association with The Hills.
“I also understand that I’m taking a risk. The more people that you
invite to be part of your world, the quicker they want to watch you
fall. I can’t be on TV forever.”

Clear, concise, to the point, and abrasively, wonderfully honest. This one’s gonna be good.