Ken Jacobs

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12/19/2008 4:45 PM |

As Hobes points out in the current Voice, it’s been a good semisesquicentennial year for Ken Jacobs: features Razzle Dazzle: The Lost World and Return to the Scene of the Crime dredged up fertile new ground in his ongoing project of recovering, renovating and exploring cinematic detritus; his son Azazel made a very good movie, in Ken and his wife Flo’s apartment, in which Ken and Flo costarred; and now Anthology Film Archives presents newly preserved old work and new shorts, with the granddaddy of us all on hand tonight and tomorrow to talk about his new videos Pushcarts of Eternity Street and The Scenic Route, the newly preserved The Whirled, and the new 16mm-to-35mm blow-up Blonde Cobra (pictured), a crazed Jack Smith performance piece. Go say hi, he looks like an approachable dude.