Learn To Say No To A Coke Ring In Your Dorm

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12/12/2008 12:30 PM |

We’re still what the shit over that “F.I.T. Coke Queens” story that ran in yesterday’s Post. The money bit that the bloggers are ga-ga-huh about:

“Oh, my God, are you guys serious!” Dippenworth yelled to photographers
as the giggling pair were led from the Seventh Precinct station house
last night. “We’re not Plaxico Burress!”
said Scafa before an older man interrupted. “Christine, don’t say
anything,” he told her. But Dippenworth chuckled back, “Well, I’m a
Plaxico Burress fan.”

Has the recession made the college children completely and utterly batshit? Do they think they’re being pranked by some kind of Project Runway Ashton Kutcher spin-off that Harvey Weinstein came up with in the shower two days ago? Why are they smiling in the pictures? Shouldn’t they, as aspiring designers (um, not for long, we’re sure) at least be ashamed of having their Post debut in pajama pants? Lil J. would destroy these two.