Leftovers: Holiday Dating Don’ts, Vanity Fair Blogger Sick of Blog Stuff, College Out Of Your Future Children’s League

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12/03/2008 6:00 PM |

Time Out New York has devoted significant space this week to a fearful yet highly anticipatory topic: Holiday Hookups. They’re evergreen! We skipped right past the suggestion for places to “meet people” and other places to take them on those questionable, mysterious “date” things, and instead headed straight for Julia Allison’s supplementary column. She cedes the majority of it to some fellow bitters, i.e. anonymous singles who have decided to overshare their tales of Tis the Season of Suck love and woe with the world. Much like MTV’s Britney documentary For The Record, it’s uncomfortable, and also, we cannot look away.

Hah hah, some BLOGGER at Vanity Fair has grown weary of certain bloggish trueisms. No. 9 is the most annoying protest of all. Take away our passionate reactions to the little things and you take away the very heart of this here series of tubes. And then what on earth will you do when you’re killing time at your desk? Go to the watercooler? Don’t toy with us, we see you reading those Hills recaps right now, secretly, on your Crackberry, in the bathroom. God, you’re gross.

Great news! College, that funny place where you listen to a lot of Dispatch and do kegstands for four years, is too expensive! For everyone, pretty much! This, on the heels of that other story about kids who are enjoying their university lifestyles at posh schools across the pond.