Literary Reading of Note: Daniel Barenboim at the New York Public Library

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12/05/2008 6:00 PM |

Renowned pianist and former Chicago Symphony conductor Daniel Barenboim‘s latest tome Music Quickens Time explores why music has such universal appeal — it is the signifier to end all signifiers, after all — and how it can help us understand the secrets of human nature. Like, on that last cloying episode of The Hills, the emo tuneage MTV carefully selected to play in the background told you exactly how to feel! Wasn’t that telling?

Music Quickens Time discusses two Palestinians who were both changed by music, how an orchestra composed of Israeli and Palestinian musicians played its part to smooth over centuries of hatred, the author’s own performances of Wagner in Israel, plus his friendship with the late Edward Said.

This coming Tuesday at 7pm, at the New Y ork Public Library (Fifth Avenue and 42nd St), Barenboim will examine the transformative power of music in the world with the New York Public Library’s Director of
Public Programs Paul Holdengraber. Tickets are $15 general admission; $10 for students and seniors. Bring your iPods, or even your Zunes, if you must. (discount code PIANO for $10 tickets).