Out Now: The L Magazine’s Envy Index

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12/10/2008 12:55 PM |

You used to be so full of promise, didn’t you. And now look at you, too old to be considered precocious and overwhelmed by the genuinely good work that people your age are starting to do. You, yes you, are unexceptional. Sorry. In our Envy Index, we have a rundown 13 New Yorkers in their early to mid-20s who are already more accomplished than you can reasonably ever hope to be. Oh well!

(And because the last time a New York publication did something like this we all remember what happened, Sharon offers a caveat in the form of Kaavya Viswanathan Sucks. Take solace in the subsequent humbling of prodigies!)

Elsewhere in the magazine, Fashionville’s Laurel Pinson helps you dress for your quarterlife crisis; Conscientious Objector Amanda Park Taylor helps you gift-shop for your recession; cabbies talk about how the tanking economy is hitting them; and bartenders share their favorite drinking games (pretty much all Circle of Death), to numb the pain.

Plus, Nicolas Rapold talks to Steven Soderbergh — turns out the Revolution will be televised, on the IFC Channel, reasonably soon, after it plays in theaters — and Ben Sutton talks 808s and Heartbreak.

All that, and more. Let us put our words to the melody of your seasonal affective disorder, won’t you.