Stuff We Like: The Things I Heart Daily Tells Us To

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12/12/2008 5:30 PM |

Folio brings word of I Heart Daily, a girly e-newsletter that seeks to carve out a new niche in the Daily Candy territory. ELLEgirl, Jane, CosmoGirl, and Teen People have each gone the way of adolsescent media dinosaurs, so IDH creators Melissa Walker and Anne Ichikawa plan to “fill that void in a unique way.” Both are veteran editors of ELLEgirl (Walker also penned a Y.A. series we really like!), and their careful curating is evident: We seriously dig the simple design, and the first few entries in each category (Fashion, Entertainment, Beauty, News) — have proven useful and delicious. Mmm, shopping candy. Like this Stay Home Shopping feature — we’ve been seeing all the most-hyped girls on dressed in Paris’s La Redoute and never even knew it was accessible up in here.

Ex-ElleGirl Editors Launch E-Newsletter [Folio]