Sucks to Be an Actual Employee at DVF

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12/29/2008 3:15 PM |

Diane von Furstenberg’s employees can’t get any work done! They’re kind of…restricted. Perhaps by now, they’ve all grabbed laptops and abandoned the office for the local coffee shop, or maybe the foreboding florescent lights of the communal kitchen? Could the high-end bathrooms be potentially conducive to the 9-5 brand development grind, if necessary?

None of this, to our knowledge, is due to the fact that the iconic designer takes workspace cleanliness to an unheard-of level. Nope. It’s because MTV’s demanding camera crews, during shoots for The City, prefer the DVFers don’t move anything at their work stations. Because it doesn’t look nice! “They do so many
reshoots that everything has to look exactly the same every day,” one minion told Page Six. Not surprisingly, Whitney Port, the series’ star, is hardly ever in the office. She must be perfecting her Felicity Porter impression.

Hard Labor” [P6]