The Blago Wheel of Fortune

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12/10/2008 6:00 PM |

Well, that happened! Those joking liberals and their nonsense schemes of selling Senate seats! And oh, that Tribune thing — it’s so hilarious when you only want to give a newspaper money if their journalists consistently print nice things about you, as if this were your own personal BLOG or something. What the hell is this, 1994? What happened to Hope? What happened to Change? What happened to cigars and illegitimate babies?

Whatever! Quick with the speed of the tubes, the biased left-wing media has begun to use the glorious tools of Photoshop to provide us with graphical explanations of Ron Blagojevich and his influencial web of deceit. It’s like a family tree, of crime and crookery! Ah, we love it when political scandals come with pictorial reference points; we currently feel the need to soothe our ruffled Internet ADHD scandal feathers by chuckling at amusing photo galleries of “Blago Through the Years,” and such things.

Can’t anyone do anything RIGHT anymore, ever? We have a secret santa stocking already filled with poop, for you, Blago. Come and get it.