The Book Bench Wants To Be In A Book Club With You!

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12/29/2008 5:30 PM |

It’s the most deliciously esoteric book club of all, and it’s happening inside these very tubes, on the New Yorker‘s estimable Book Bench blog, of all places! We’re kind of — okay, very — excited. (Sidenote: could this be one of the schemes Remmy cooked up for page views?) Writer Ligaya Mishan explains that she and her fellow Book Bench contributors have made a collective New Year’s resolution to read Roberto Bolaño’s acclaimed novel 2666, which also happens to be a “nine-hundred-page behemoth.” And, in a NANOWRIMO-ish move, they’ve asked for the help and support of their fellow bloggers/readers/New Yorker obsessives. Because that’s what you do when a resolution is almost as daunting in theory as it is in reality:

Please join us in assaying this intimidating volume. Keep a reader’s log of observations as you go along, and e-mail us
updates on your progress—your mood swings from exhilaration to
exhaustion, voraciousness to ennui, hopelessness to renewed fervor,
etc. We in turn will confide our dark nights of the soul as we wrestle
with Bolaño. And perhaps together we will reach illumination.

The recommendation to use the paperback edition is good, but you know what would be even better than an e-mailed reader’s log, Book Benchers? A comments section. It’s missing from your blog, and sorely needed, particularly on a feeback-required project like this.

Or, you could just invite the entire Internet over to the Condé cafeteria for cookies and literary bon-mots!