The Bush Shoe

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12/22/2008 12:00 PM |

The Turkish cobbler who designed the shoe hurled round the world is delighted with his lot in life right now. Ramazan Baydan said he knew the moment Muntader al-Zaidi flung his shoes at Dubya last week, that the make and model were his and his alone. Other imposters have claimed design ownership, but as both a shoemaker and a designer, he recognized them like a flying fingerprint, and he told the New York Times that, given their light weight and clunky silhouette, he was “amazed by their aerodynamics.”

Thousands of posters are advertising the shoes in the Middle East and Turkey, and a run of 15,000 pairs went into production last Thursday. A British distributor asked for 95,000 pairs. Notably, an American company placed a order for 18,000 pairs, but the Times doesn’t specify which. Perhaps some radical designer will incorporate them into their next Fashion Week show — or sly presentation, given the major designers slowly dropping out of the tents due the economy’s sad face — as a goodbye to all that rally of sorts? If Marc Jacobs says no to Bryant Park and has a model shoe-throwin’ parade in Central Park, we wouldn’t be all that shocked.

‘Bush Shoe’ Gives Firm a Footing in the Market” [NYT]