The Karl Chronicles

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12/11/2008 3:00 PM |

Racked is running a fabulous spa giveaway contest, although the prize itself isn’t nearly exciting as what you have to do to win: Photoshop a picture of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld doing something decidedly unglamorous. The entries are rolling in, and today’s the last day to enter, so get procrastinating: Here is Karl fishing. Here he is riding the subway (not Amtrack, hear that, Joe Biden?). Good gracious, he even scoops poop into a Chanel bag while walking his pooch down Fifth Avenue. Thank you for making our day with that last one. Keep ’em coming!

In other Chanel-related news, Fashionologie has the scoop on screenshots of Audrey Tatou killing it as Coco.

[Image via Racked]