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12/01/2008 2:00 PM |

From Nicolas Rapold’s L Mag review of W. a month and a half back:

For the J. Hoberman of generations hence, the entire film is less exciting than Brolin’s one-man intertextual subversion: a rangy more-Texan-than-Texan Bush here, he plays the family-man killer of Harvey Milk in Van Sant’s upcoming biopic.

From the Hobereview of Milk:

The new supervisor finds himself on the front line of the Culture Wars, face-to-face with evil twin Dan White (Josh Brolin, who, better directed here than in W., has the distinction of playing the year’s two pre-eminent real-life villains).

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  • Now, if The L only appreciated “Milk” as much as The Voice, we’d be onto something.

    No one gets off the hook for praising “Slumdog Millionaire,” though.

  • fyi advance tix for MoMA screening of Milk w/ Van Sant q n a are sold out, but rest of tix will be released on wed, just get there early for a realistic shot of getting them.