The New Yorker Is Blogging Like Whoa

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12/17/2008 5:15 PM |

Drastic times call for drastic measures, which has led to us to this wild and fantastic moment in history. The latest, hottest, biggest, baddest trend in media is here: Don’t print it! Blog it, ya’ll! OMG WTF is happening? Is this thing on? Where are we?

It appears that New Yorker editor and world’s classiest e-mailer David Remnick has answered our call for more esoteric high-low rock star snark stuff, although it won’t be appearing in his magazine. It’s going online instead! In this week’s Observer, John Koblin writes of Remnick’s edgy decision to hire a web-guy to “badger writers into coming up with more ideas to write Web-only content.” This is hilarious:

On Dec. 16, George Packer wrote a takedown of Sean Penn’s cover story for The Nation
on Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro. Mr. Packer’s post was bloggy in every
way—dripping with sarcasm ("veteran foreign correspondent Sean Penn,"
or, describing Christopher Hitchens as the "world-famous hedge-fund
executive and philanthropist"), snarky and a pretty frank and vicious
attack. And it even got a link on Romenesko—not exactly a familiar
place for New Yorker stories.

Gawker already noted that television critic Nancy Franklin used the text-y expression “4ever” to describe her lurve for David Letterman.

Now, if they could all just blog with the prolific regularity of Rick Hertzberg and SFJ — especially Talk of the Town writers (Lauren Collins and Lizzie Widdicome are our particular heroines), who we are convinced could change the world if they shared a Tumblr — we wouldn’t feel half as guilty about our lapsed subscription. It’s free to read it online, remember?!

At Magazines, It’s 2.0 Steps Forward, 1.0 Step Back” [NYO]