There Are Still New Jobs Left In Journalism

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12/04/2008 11:40 AM |

But this one wasn’t listed on Ed2010 or Mediabistro, sadly. It’s a special gig, for a very special person, one “human penis” Eliot Spitzer! As you have likely read everywhere else, the former governor of New York will pen an online financial column for Slate. The first one is already up, and its got 21 Diggs! You go, guy.

Now you know that if you bang an overly-tanned hooker who is also an aspiring pop star and screw up your life tenfold, there’s still hope for you. In media. Where cheating, lying politicians can all dare to dream! The best part of this is that every single news outlet, in making this announcement, is using the photo that makes Spitzy look like he swallowed a bag of lemons. Now he’s making lemonade! Out of our economic Armageddon. Also, this will mean wonderful page views for Slate, particularly from anyone who is hoping Spitzer will weave a few subtextual tales of how he enjoys paying for sex into his explanations of the bailouts. Happy day.