Think of This ‘Video of the Day’ Post As Also Being a ‘Your Weeked’ Post

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12/19/2008 5:00 PM |

Here’s the YouTube page, incidentally, which is worth it for the comments (“Dear GOD, he is fine here. His hair is magnificent. My hand would have never left that popcorn box, LOL.”).

Your Weekend may or may not involve a trip to see The Wrestler, but ought to involve a Mickey Rourke Film Festival of some sort (for program notes, use Cintra Wilson’s semi-legendary — to me, anyway — ode). I’d say Barfly (loveably stumblebum Chuck Bukowski wank, with a slumming Faye Dunaway), Johnny Handsome (Walter Hill joint concerning an Elephant Man who has surgery and comes out Mickey Rourke) and, why the hell not, Year of the Dragon.