What Artist and His Posse Disrespected Butch Walker in the Studio?

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12/16/2008 5:00 PM |

Idolator has a fantastic new series of artists interviewing artists that they just launched today. The first features Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump getting Q&A’d by pop songwriter and producer Butch Walker, and vice versa. Walker’s stories were infinitely more entertaining than Stump’s (which we guess means Stump is a better interviewer, so everyone wins), particularly his response to this question: “I don’t want names, but you have to have bumped into some pretty nasty
artists with pretty big chips on their shoulders. I’d like an anecdote
about the most obnoxious personality you had the misfortune of working
with, albeit as anonymously as you feel comfortable divulging.”

The response, which is so good we have to cut and paste the whole thing for posterity’s sake:

I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of great people and people
who are infamously known to be dicks, but were great to/with me. One
person was… How should I put this… Not an asshole… Just not…
There. I was in the studio in NY waiting for this person to show up for
like, six hours. Now I’m not a knob jockey or some “hourly wage” dude.
My time is my time and I don’t like to be disrespected. I sat there and
wrote the fucking song for them to sing, recorded every instrument, and
all they had to do was come in and fucking sing. Well I get a phone
call finally from them, not to apologize for running late or not even
showing up to write the song with me (which they would later demand
writing credit on)… But to ask me if I’d like to go to dinner with
Paris Hilton instead. I was like, “I’m working.. Maybe you’ve heard of
it?”. They finally come down, brat-pack posse in tow. There’s the token
BFF (BeneFriend Forever!), the token little sister, the token GBGF (Gay
Best Guy Friend, and a few other lucky sonofabitch hangers-on. GBGF
starts trying to say to The Artist what HE doesn’t like about the track
(he’s not in the music business btw. I’ve seen him jump like a parasite
to about three other popular stars over the years). The little sister
is freaking out over my shoes, and the assistant is frantic and acting
melodramatic on her blackberry in the corner to make it seem like she’s
“working”. Artist steps up to the mic to sing. First note is fucking
horrible, out of tune, and cracking like a dinosaur bone in ’08.
They’re like, “stop the music!!! I think I just damaged my vocal
chord!!! The sister is crying. The GBGF is crying. The assistant is
frantic, calling paramedics (no shit) to come to the studio. I run
outside to call my manager to tell him I’m going home and that this is
retarded. While I’m on the phone (it’s only been 10 minutes), 2
whitecoat doctors come walking by me and into the studio (no shit). I
walk in and instead of them checking their throat, they are giving them
a cortisone shot in a zit about to come in. Unlike the last answer to
the last question, this one is absolutely true. I couldn’t make this
shit up if I tried.

Okay, now. Stump might not want names, but we sure as hell do. Who the fug is The Artist? Any guesses? Need to know.

The Idolator Interview: Butch Walker and Patrick Stump” [Idolator]