Whitney’s Coming to the City

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12/15/2008 5:00 PM |

There was a time, back when her own fashion line was a mere glimmer in her doe eye and a publicity gig with Diane von Furstenberg a far-away dream, that Whitney Port preferred to keep her private life off MTV’s biggest cash-cow series.

Of course, now that she’s been awarded her own spin-off, The City, which airs December 29th, Port has effectively guaranteed she’ll never be able to keep secrets from us ever again. Rejoice and mourn! In a lengthy Page Six Magazine preview-profile that ran this Sunday (which came with a lush click-through slideshow) she seemed a bit hesitant about how MTV might portray her now that she’s the leading lady instead of the sounding board sidekick:

But this time around, the trailer for The City—which shows
the fashion-world hopeful indulging in steamy make-out sessions with
various mystery men, everywhere from industrial rooftops to misty
street corners—proves that Whitney’s personal life will be put into
sharp focus. “I can’t completely neglect that part of my life this
time,” she says, her eyebrows knitting together for just a second
before she brightens back up. “But I figure, why not—maybe I can teach
people things by my mistakes and my, I don’t know, journey? Hopefully?”

Just as we suspected: she’s far too big of an ingenue to play the next Carrie Bradshaw. She’s basically just watered-down Felicity Porter. Did we need a new one?

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  • If you see her, throw a shoe at her.

  • Throwing shoes at people who promote policies you don’t appreciate won’t get you anywhere, Mark!

    Unless it’s a high-heeled stiletto boot, and then it’ll get you a restraining order.

  • Whitney: I have seen you on MTV’S The City. I love everything I know about you. Beshides being so beautiful lady. Everything you ware is fantastic.
    I do hope your fashion designs get made. I really love you. Because you are so real. I can’t believe its just a roll on T.V. and I would like to meet you sometime. I got some fashion drawings I would give you to see what you think.
    I am an artist check out my art on http://www.fineartamerica.com or http://www.redbubble.com
    Hello to the rest of the cast too.